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Let's have a look at

Core Values

Freedom Club have some Core Values which it always abides by, they are

  • Reliability
  • Consistency
  • Innovation
  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Service to others
  • Environmentalism


We are living in the 21st century. We are in a constant race to better ourselves as a society. Trying to go fully digital is one amongst them. There are other aspects too which are not allowing us to go forward, such as Inflation, which leaves us behind with a sour taste. Those who are held back by inflation are equally or even more hardworking. But a harsh truth is that they have to lead a life of adjustment and compromise, throughout their life.

To conquer the virus of inflation, Freedom Club has come up with an innovative solution. Instead of giving a complimentary service for free, we provide the product or service absolutely free!!!

Forget about buying a product variant of lesser quality or not buy a much-needed product in your life. Those things are going to be the thing of the past.

You buy a product from a store but it would be eventually turned free because after verifying with the Merchants(which is our part of the work), you get back the exact amount transferred into your account. A 100% Asli Money Back Offer on all your Purchases.

Freedom Club's efforts to provide service to others is as genuine as it can be, which requires a lot of courage, compassion, consistency and a sense of positive environmentalism towards the people and the country.


Our vision is to build an environment, where every nation and its people want to be in. People appreciate even a little effort to make their lives easier. We at Freedom Club has come together as a team and come up with an innovative vision in providing liabilities for free.  The idea is as simple and straightforward. Rather than giving a small part of service for free, we have made it 100% free. You heard it right!!!

              ABSOLUTELY FREE

Let's make the word Inflation, a never encountered situation and people knowing about it only through the dictionary.

Let's not allow inflation control our lives. We aspire to make a society free of unfulfilled desires and ever-adjusting lives.

It's not just the buying culture we at Freedom Club look forward to changing but also the business scenario prevalent today. We also focus on providing Merchants of every scale, to give them an amazing business environment and help them flourish full-fledged. The Merchants who have partnered with us are helped, by increasing their visibility as well as business profitability.


Our Objective is very clear, that is, to free our society from the difficult possessed by "inflation".

If you are thinking, how is it possible to pull off such difficult endeavor? Believe us, nothing is impossible because

                        " Impossible itself says


Freedom Club gives 100% Asli Money Back on every purchase, into your account.

Visit our Website or download our App and take advantage of varied services like Online recharge offers, pay online bills, online shopping, book hotels, movies, shows, book flights, train, bus and much more.

It's time to sit back and take advantage of this opportunity provided by Freedom Club.

Our mission is to form a world free from inflation & keep the citizens away from the worries of rising prices of the commodities. One must not see the price tags before purchasing any product.It is because improvement is the only option to grow.
“FREEDOM CLUB’s mission is to give relief to every person who has ever been a victim of inflation”
• In the era of new technologies people are still facing the issues of inflation.
• Every person is minimizing his/her budget to meet other needs.
• But we are coming up with an idea where the user won’t be thinking about the budget while spending his/her money.
• Our idea behind the project is same, where the user Is free to buy anything he/she likes because that’s going to be free in the near future.
• We also want to provide business to merchants of every scale.
Our vision is to reach an epitome where every nation & its people admires to be.People appreciate if they get things for free but for obvious reasons couldn’t get though. Our company is coming up with an idea that is Simple and straight, rather than giving any service or entity for free lets make it free. Yes that’s right!!
Our Objective is to from a place where people are free from the worries of inflation.
To develop an app & website from the people which allows them to get 100% Asli Moneyback from which Freedom club also use the app & website for multiple purposes i.e pay online bills, online recharges, online shopping, book flight , train, bus tickets, book hotels, movies , shows etc.